The 10 softest baby blankets in the market

Ever since you got your cute little baby home you have done everything you can to make sure that he gets the best of everything. So, you’re probably here because you are on the lookout for the best baby blanket for your adorable sweetheart. We understand that it can be a little tricky since there are so many baby blankets out there and you cannot just wrap your little one in something uncomfortable. There are so many things that need to be taken care of like the clothing material of the blanket, the size of the blanket and the safety. In this article we have enlisted the qualities you need to look for in a baby blanket. Also, we have put together a list of the 10 softest baby blankets in the market.

Qualities you need to look for in a baby blanket

Clothing material of the baby blanket –

Babies need special blankets that are gentle on their sensitive skin and are made from breathable material to give them a sound sleep at night. Now the question arises- How to figure out if a blanket is breathable? Well it might surprise you but the answer to this is very low-tech. All you need to do is hold the blanket up against the fan and if you can feel the breeze through the blanket it means that it is breathable. Pretty easy right? We think so too.

Size of the baby blanket –

The size of the baby blanket is very important as you want to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the baby with a big size blanket. The standard size of a baby blanket is 45″ by 45″ to 60. You can also use a blanket of this size to decorate your baby’s nursery

Safety of the baby blanket –

Safety is a must when it comes to babies. You need to avoid blankets that have loose tassels, fringes or ribbons. The babies tend to get entangled in them and It becomes very uncomfortable for them.

Now that we know what to look for in a blanket. Let us have a look at the list we have curated to make sure you buy the best baby blanket.

Top 10 softest baby blankets :

1. Little Giraffe Luxe Baby Blanket

Here is our top pick for the softest baby blankets. It is impossible to think of a list of the best baby blankets without Little giraffe luxe baby blanket being on top. It is high end, ultra-soft and is trimmed in satin. It is available in 12 on-trend colors. We guarantee it will become your baby’s favorite as years pass.

2. Peluche Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket

The Peluche Luxe Stroller Baby Blanket is the most luxurious baby blanket available. It is adored by celebrities like trend-setters alike, and makes a sophisticated, memorable gift for those special little ones in your life. Exceptionally cozy and extra chic. Wrap your little one in the coziest embrace imaginable with this luxurious faux fur blanket. This picks up the close 2nd spot in our list.

3. Petit Bateau Swaddling blanket

It is without a doubt one of the softest swaddling blanket out there in the market. You can firmly swaddle your little one like a burrito. Swaddles give baby a warm, cozy, cocoon feel that’s soothing. Their quality helps them pick up the 3rd spot in our list.

4. Aden by Aden + Anais Swaddle plus 

Classic and one of the most popular swaddle blankets. They make DIY swaddling easy. It is made out of breathable cotton. It is soft and lightweight. It rightly gets the 4th place in our list.

5. Cambrass Unisex Cotton Blanket

With so many expensive items out there, we thought it would be nice to have something that would not burn a hole in your pocket. Also you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality. This soft and soothing 100% cotton blanket from Cambrass is a must have. We have placed it on 5th

6. Marae Wool Blanket

This is the ideal blanket for chilly weather. It is soft and thick to keep your baby warm. This blanket for Marae is perfect for people who live in cold locations. It picks up the 6th spot in our list.

7. Little Giraffe Bliss Cross Quilted Blanket

A light and velvety soft to touch quilt. It is perfect for all weather. Just like all the other little giraffe products it has a trimmed satin border. This is bound to transport your loved one to naptime bliss. It earns the 7th place in our list for the softest baby blankets.

8. Aden & Anais Dream Blanket

The classic swaddle blanket from aden and anais is now available in a bigger size for toddlers. They are no longer babies, but toddlers still want a go to blankie. Its fabric gets softer with every wash.

9. Little giraffe chenille stroller baby blanket

The is the perfect travel blanket. This will keep your child warm when strolling outside during a cold weather. This buttery soft and snuggly blanket never goes out of style. We have placed it at the 9th spot.

10. Touch by nature cotton blanket 

It does not get cheaper than this. If you felt that the cotton blanket from Cambrass was still on the higher side. This blanket should be a no brainer. It is made from 100% cotton and is still soft. Obviously, it would not be as soft as the top picks, but it still is worth a try. We have placed it on the 10th spot.